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I'm the Doctor. A Time Lord. The last of the Time Lords. I'm still running, though there's no longer anyone to run from...Except myself.

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Do you ever get horny from doing your NSFW role plays? If you were the last person on earth, would you kill yourself or try to live as long as possible? If someone paid you $5,000 would you delete your tumblr and never go on it again?

//That’s like asking if you get horny reading a smutfic. Most of the time, if I’m in the mood, the Doctor’s in the mood, and vice versa. But there are times when it’s just a fun plot I like to see my OTP squirm.

As for being the last person on earth… Well, I certainly wouldn’t kill myself. I would try to confirm I was the last. It’s a big planet.

$5000? Probably not. I have wonderful friends and tons of fun on tumblr, and I’d be bored out of my mind if I got rid of it.


Protected from the false god.

Yes. Yes it is sad.

"Why should I stay?"



Send “Why should I stay?” and my character will try to convince yours not to leave them.


"Doctor?" It took Jack nearly a minute to process what the Doctor had just said and what he could have meant by it. "I know you and I.. have had our ups and downs but they’re not all bad.. right?" Deep down he knew that the day would come but he wasn’t expecting the one he admired so much to want to leave on these terms.

"Think of all the fun times that we haven’t had yet." He put on a showy but broken cheerful face.

It hadn’t been so long since he’d met the Doctor and even closer still since he has learned how to be a better man than he had ever been from the Time Lord wherein he was willing to give up his own life for a mistake he’d made. Even the thought was preposterous to the con-man he was. Good thing that didn’t happen because the now wouldn’t be here had it did. So he was human, a time traveling human but mortal all the same. Perhaps that was why he’d been so reckless all along—to get the most out of this short blimp that was life; to live it to the fullest. But he had no direction and no guide, not until he’d met the Doctor. Did he have this kind of affect on everyone he meets? That hardly mattered. What mattered now is that he wasn’t ready to say goodbye. Not yet. And even as he had put the trickster days behind him, his determination was still a force to be reckoned with.

He took the Time Lord’s smile as a good sign and it lifted a small weight off his shoulders. However, he could not bring himself to mirror the expression as he listened to his words. He never seemed to grasp the concept of just how long the Doctor had lived and why he’d seemed jaded. But yet, he had always found him to be so lively and full of spirit and sass. And he felt the planet was safe under his watch. What better place to be than to be with the protector whom needed just the kind of love and care to share that load with. “I don’t plan on leaving you. At least, not by my choice.” His tone was full of genuine conviction. It hadn’t been long since his voice would mostly be the kind that sounded hollow and full of false promises so he even surprised himself. “I don’t need to know how it ends when we’ve barely started, Doctor.” He gave him a consoling pat on the arm, a silent plea for a second (or more like, third) chance. “I can’t wish my life longer but I’m full of surprises. Bet you’ll feel at least a hundred years younger this time two days from now. —And it won’t be just because of the bananas.” He grinned.

Jack’s hand on his arm steeled the Doctor. He wondered at how he could find such strength in a man he barely knew, in the same man who had nearly gotten them killed not long ago. The Doctor looked up at the captain, taking solace in his words. “I don’… I don’ want you t’ go, Jack.” There was vulnerability in those words, a kind of raw emotion that the Doctor did not willingly share with anyone, so how was it the words slipped so easily from his lips when he was talking to Jack? 

The Doctor’s smile widened, and just like that, his hearts felt lighter. “You’re right.” And he was- it was much too soon to worry about what might happen. As much as the Doctor knew he didn’t want to lose Jack, that was all the more reason not to push him away now. There was so much more ahead of them, so many more adventures and… possibilites. The Time Lord raised his hand to Jack’s shoulder and pulled him in to a hug, indulging for just a moment by pressing his cheek to his shoulder and breathing him in. “We’ve barely started. It’s be a shame t’ waste all tha’ potential.”

Pulling away from the hug, the Doctor hoped Jack didn’t notice how his ears flushed slightly. “So go on then, a hundred years younger? I find tha’ hard t’ believe. Care t’ share wha’ sort ‘f surprises might do such a thing?”




I'm only  h u m a n  and I bleed when I fall down

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I'm only  h u m a n  and I crash and I break down

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I need an in depth plot with a Jack. Something more than just the gratuitous smut I’ve been doing lately. (Not that I don’t like that, too.) 

I want something wibbly wobbly, where the Doctor meets immortal Jack and feels all the guilt and responsibility for making him that way. I want Jack to resent him. I want the Doctor to hate himself. I want both to still love the other despite everything, because it’s Jack and the Doctor, and they do. I want heartbreak and forgiveness and actual plot and emotion oh god I really need it.

“Oh fuck, yes! Bite me again!”



The Doctor did as he was told, his teeth sinking into the Master’s shoulder. He groaned, soothing the bright red mark with lips and tongue before moving to the other side and repeating his actions. His nails raked up and down the Master’s body, leaving red trails in their wake. 

It was rough and needy and primal, and fuck if he didn’t love every second of it. 

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