"You were fantastic…absolutely fantastic….and do you know what?"

"So was I."


theoncomingsass - "I'm not letting you walk, I'm going to carry you."

koschei-no-more -

Oh he had known those words were coming, but hearing them made him twitch all the same. He had taken a pretty nasty fall when the Cyberman factory blew up, but it was better than the alternative of -becoming- one of those bastards. His left leg ached and he was sure he didn’t want to look beneath this trousers just yet. 

Brushing some of the dust from his face, he eyed the Doctor who insisted on standing above him with a rather disdainful look. “I can bloody well walk on my own.” 


The Master managed to hold back a hiss of pain when he was moved, but he couldn’t stop himself from tensing, breath hitching and causing him to pant for a few moments. He could feel the blood slide down his leg and drip to the ground below, but he didn’t comment on it.

"After the damage… we did, … they won’t give up until they find us."

Pressing his lips into a tight line, the Doctor continued weaving through the thick underbrush, careful not to cause the Master more pain than strictly necessary.

"Yeah, thanks for tha’ intuitive bit ‘f information," he grunted, "But somehow, I’d managed t’ work tha’ out myself. There’s a reason we’re tryin’ t’ get back t’ the TARDIS."

Though their trek wasn’t exactly silent, the Doctor tried to move as quietly as possible, so as not to attract attention to the pair of escapees. But that didn’t do much good when your pursuers had cyber-hearing, and soon, the sounds of metal feet stomping through the forest reached their ears. 

"Shit. Hold on," he hissed, pulling the Master tighter against him as he picked up his pace. "We’re gonna have t’ run."

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Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News || insomniacannotsleep


"Doctor Smith, your 11:00 is here," called a curt voice from his desk’s speakerphone. 

A man with sparkling blue eyes looked up with a knowing smile before pressing the return button. “Thank you, Rosalind. Y’ can send them in t’ the examination room. I’ll be there in a minute.” Leaning back in his chair, the doctor stood up and slipped on his white coat, arranging his features into the perfect picture of a caring physician, all except the smirk on his face. That belonged to a mischievous schoolboy, making his azure eyes sparkle playfully.

Leaving his office, Doctor John Smith turned the corner and paused at the door of the examination room. He lifted the patient’s chart out of the holder and flipped through the pages, shaking his head slightly even as the smirk grew wider. When he finally opened the door, his face betrayed nothing as his eyes fell on the patient, already sitting on the examination table.

"Good afternoon, I didn’t think I’d be seein’ you so soon. Why don’t you go ahead an’ tell me wha’s botherin’ you today?"

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itsjustabadwolf -

 “Please don’t be mad but…” Rose trailed off, honey hues flicking to the ground guiltily. She shifted slightly where she stood, fiddling with her hands nervously.



She hummed softly as he kissed her, snuggling back into his chest. His presence was comforting, his arms around her giving her peace. She took a deep breathe, her eyes closing again as she began to drift off. “love you..” she mumbled again softly before drifting off to sleep.

Just as he’d thought, the Doctor’s eyes didn’t fall shut even once that night. He wasn’t angry, or even really that upset at all, understanding Rose’s reasons, and knowing she had chosen to sleep in his arms tonight instead of the other’s. Still, his mind wouldn’t stop conjuring images of another pair of hands caressing her body, bringing her to climax, his name on her lips, but a different body above hers.

As Rose slept soundly, he brushed his fingers through her golden hair, careful not to disturb her when he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “I love y’, Rose. I hope y’ know jus’ how much I mean tha’…”

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theoncomingsass -

I will generate a number 1-35 to see what my muse will say to yours. Mix of angst, fluff, flirty, funny, etc.


"You make me sick."


Why did he desire this man so much? His presence? His kisses? His affection? He was pathetic and leashed to an addiction, one that he gladly indulged in regularly. 

His gaze followed the movement of the Doctor’s hand and he only hesitated a moment before his own tightened in response, their fingers laced together properly.With a soft sigh, he pressed his forehead to the taller man’s chest. “You’re making me soft.”

There was a moment, just a millisecond, really, where the Doctor felt the Master pause, and he feared the worst. But then he squeezed his hand, and relief washed over him. It had been just a flash in time, but the strength of the fear he’d felt was more terrifying than the emotion itself; he needed the Master, and vulnerable was never something the Doctor liked to be…

As he felt the other’s warmth seep through his jumper, the Doctor wrapped his free arm around his shoulders, resting his cheek atop the Master’s head. “Y’ say tha’ like it’s a bad thing,” he muttered. “But you’ve got the same effect on me…”

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He knows how she works, even if their understanding is on a subconscious level. He knows what makes her tick and just what exactly she enjoys most. Aside from terrorizing him or spelunking into millenia old tombs, he knows what she likes. A brow arches at his comment about the handcuffs and briefly her mind drifts to a previous conversation they’d had about them. River laughs slightly and turns on heel to face the Doctor. 

"Oh is that so? And just what may cause us to be late?”

His eyebrow quirks up and his smirk widens into a proper smile as he fixes River with a scrutinous gaze that is somehow more intimate than it should be… Something about her playful smile makes him want to feel it beneath his lips, and the Doctor doesn’t hesitate to take a step toward her and cup her chin gently between his thumb and forefinger. The kiss is brief, but when he pulls away, his blue eyes are a little darker than when he’d began. 

"Now tha’, Professor, would be entirely up t’ you,” he says innocently, though the hand trailing over her arm to settle on her hip tells an entirely different story.

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Taking the Lead - Rose gently guiding Nine through their first time together.

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john barrowman with puppies