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I'm the Doctor. A Time Lord. The last of the Time Lords. I'm still running, though there's no longer anyone to run from...Except myself.

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Name: Sarah, nickname: (Sarah is pretty straightforward, don't think you have one?), age: 23?, gender: female, sexual orientation: SUNSHINE-SEXUAL (bi), nationality: American but possibly Irish or Scottish descent with that red hair?, status: happily taken!, likes: animation and art, dislikes: distance, random fact: prefers Coke over Pepsi :3


I don’t really have a nickname, but sometimes my best friend calls me Red, and I call her Blondie. I’m 22! But I’ll be 23 in December. Aaaaand everyone thinks I’m Irish or Scottish because of the hair. Truth is, I’m of German and Italian decent, but the red hair comes from the Italian side. :D The rest is spot-on, though!!

And yes, always Coke over Pepsi.


Screencap Meme | Doctor/Rose + Touch Me requested by waltzing-with-my-inner-geek


The Doctor and Rose Tyler + eye sex





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The Doctor whined, squirming a little as a drop of ice water traveled down the curve of his hipbone. “Yes,” he muttered, letting his eyes fall shut. It wasn’t the ice, but the combination of sensations. Cold against hot skin, hard ice with soft lips and tongue chasing the droplets it left behind, teasing, but knowing the pleasure that was sure to come soon afterward. “Don’ stop…” 

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